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Learn everything you need to know about natural dog wellness

If you're constantly looking for alternative methods to help your dog remain healthy and happy, if you're feeling frustrated by the lack of consistent, clear information available and you're looking for trustworthy solutions to all your canine health concerns, you've come to the right place. This is a comprehensive, in-depth course to teach you absolutely everything you will need in order to take care of your dog naturally, lower your vet bills, and allow your precious pup to live a long, healthy and happy life. ​You'll learn about every natural wellness modality: nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbalism, massage & acupressure and communication. If you're tired of searching, wondering if what you're doing is actually helping and don't want to take 10 different classes to get all your answers, then Wholesome Hound is THE solution for you! You'll become the expert in all things natural wellness!
Natural wellness for dogs

Course curriculum

    1. Who Am I?

    2. Overview of Alternative Therapies

    3. The Best Way To Approach The Modules

    1. Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Meridians

    2. Acupressure Basics

    3. Canine Massage Basics

    4. What Strokes To Use and Where

    5. Full Session Layouts

    1. Kibble or Raw

    2. Understanding Macronutrients

    3. Understanding Micronutrients

    4. Understanding Pet Food Labels

    5. Raw Diets

    1. Whole Plant Medicine

    2. How Herbs Work In The Body

    3. Making Herbal Preparations

    4. Common Ailments, Part 1

    5. Common Ailments, Part 2

    1. Why Use Homeopathy

    2. Practical Use

    3. Finding The Right Remedy

    4. Remedies, Part 1

    5. Remedies, Part 2

About this course

  • €297,00
  • 39 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content


I thank Corine Graham for having made me discover this universe

Cyrielle R.

This experience was extremely enriching and full of surprises for both of us, I learned to decipher my dog's signals, I also learned to let him choose by letting him be involved in the interactions. I definitely will return to these methods either for Imka or for other dogs and I thank Corine Graham for having made me discover this universe and for having calmed Imka as well.

I was able to make this transition, not only simply, but serenely.

Caroline F.

I thank Corine for her support which allowed me to switch my dog to barf and especially without fear of deficiencies! Whether for food or for supplements, all the information was given. I was able to make this transition, not only simply, but serenely.

Corine is a passionate person

Sandra & Valérie

She is always available to advise you when it relates to the health of your pups. We highly recommend her !

Corine has an incomparable knowledge of dogs

Patrice A.

You can trust her completely whether that's for nutrition as well as for any health problems and her courses are excellent. Don't hesitate to call on her.


Energy Healer for Dogs/Magnétiseur pour chiens Corine Graham

Since I was young, I have always been surrounded by dogs. Being an only child and an introvert, I was naturally drawn to them, and they became family to me. It was obvious to me that I would work with them my entire life. After getting my bachelors degree in animal science, I continued for over twenty years to educate myself in everything related to the canine world, whether it was anatomy, physiology, training, natural well-being, nutrition, sports, tricks, physical rehabilitation, communication and energy healing. I am Franco-American and live in southern France with my husband and my 6 Australian Shepherds: Eve, Hexie, Harmony, Izzie, Davis and Lenny. ____________ Depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai toujours été entouré de chiens. Enfant unique et introverti, j'ai été naturellement attiré par eux et ils sont devenus une famille pour moi. Il était évident pour moi que je travaillerais avec eux toute ma vie. Après avoir obtenu mon baccalauréat en sciences animales, j'ai continué pendant plus de vingt ans à me former à tout ce qui touche au monde canin, que ce soit l'anatomie, la physiologie, l'éducation, le bien-être naturel, la nutrition, le sport, les tours, la rééducation physique, la communication et les soins énergétiques. Je suis franco-américaine et vis dans le sud de la France avec mon mari et mes 6 Bergers Australiens : Eve, Hexie, Harmony, Izzie, Davis et Lenny.